Korea Testing Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program


Definition of terms

시험기관간 비교시험(Inter-Laboratory Comparison)

Organization, performance and evaluation of measurements or tests on t he same or similar items by two or more laboratories in accordance with predetermined conditions

Characteristics of Inter-Laboratory Comparison

  • Not need reference lab or pt provider
  • Only comparison inter-laboratory result

숙련도시험(Proficiency Testing)

Evaluation of participant performance against pre-established criteria by means of inter-laboratory comparisons

Characteristics of Proficiency Testing

  • Operated by an independent third party
  • Evaluating the performance of participant laboratory
  • There is a reference laboratory only in the calibration
Proficiency testing and inter-laboratory comparison are used similarly, but do not exactly match

Importance of Inter-Laboratory Comparison

Inter-laboratory comparison is used to prove validity of belows

  • Measurement method
  • Training technical manpower
  • Metrological traceability
  • Uncertainty of measurement estimation

Inter-laboratory comparison operating procedure


  • Typically used operating procedure
  • Artefacts are circulated from one participant to the next
  • Apply to artefacts that can be repeatedly tested
라운드 로빈(Round-Robin) 방식 이미지

Simultaneous participation schemes

  • Distribute artefacts to participant simultaneously
  • Apply to artefacts that can be destroyed or discarded after testing
동시 참여 방식 이미지

Evaluation of performance

Evaluation of quantitative results are based on statistics

In the area of test, evaluates the performance based on the z-score

시험분야 이미지

X(assigned value) & s(proficiency testing standard deviation) are can be used in both cases where they are derived from the results of all participants and otherwise. For performance evaluation, the following criteria are applied to the z-score

시험분야 이미지

The unsatisfactory result data is called "outlier"

In the area of calibration, evaluates the performance based on the En-Score

Ulab is participants’ measurement uncertainty of test results, Uref is reference lab’s measurement uncertainty ofr test results, For performance evaluation, the following criteria are applied to the En-score

교정분야 이미지

In the area of test, the performance can be evaluated based on the En-Score, if necessary

수행도평가 이미지 수행도평가 이미지